Tax Preparation

We prepare the following tax returns:

Form 1040 – Individual tax return with all of accompanying Schedules
Form 1120 – Tax Return for Corporations
Form 1120S – Tax Return for subchapter S Corporations
Form 1065 – Tax return for LLCs and Partnerships
Form 1041 – Tax Return for Trusts and Estates
Payroll Forms – W2s, W3s, 1099s, 941, 940 etc.

We believe that good tax preparation involves more than filling out a form.  It involves planning to take full advantage of existing law to reduce tax and optimize credits.  After filing the the return, we review your tax situation and suggest ways to minimize the tax and maximize benifits.

We try to meet with clients at the end of the year to take advantage of tax laws. There are many actions that one can take before the end of the year to reduce tax or increase tax credits.